100% pure and natural spring water from the pristine Island of New Zealand

Bottled water, only better

Kiwaii offer’s pure, 100% natural, spring water that has never been polluted and does not require chemical (chlorination) or mechanical (reverse osmosis, distillation) purification.

But healthy natural water should also be served in safe containers, so we made sure Kiwaii bottles and caps do not contain BPA, phthalates and other degradable additives.

Purity and Transparency

Kiwaii is 100% pure and natural spring water from the pristine Island of New Zealand. Naturally alkaline and rich in silica from nature to the bottle with nothing in between.

Sustainable and Ecological

A natural, unprocessed and chemical –free alternative to the numerous brands of purified tap water. Kiwaii originated from an abundantly flowing and renewable source and is bottled using sustainable practices to ensure zero impact on the local echo system, and under certified organic and kosher standards.

Intelligent Packaging and Design

Bottles are recyclable and free of BPA, phthalates and other degradable additives. Our bright yellow cap is an outward display of our unquenchable optimism and enthusiasm. A visual sign of our gratitude and commitment as stewards of this life sustaining resource.

Naturally pure water you can trust

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Kiwaii spring water always originates from a single trusted source—the magnificent Blue Spring in Putaruru, New Zealand.

Kiwaii is true unprocessed spring water that rises naturally from the earth, maintaining its natural properties, unique mineral content and optimal hydrating abilities. These natural properties and purity give Kiwaii a smooth, clean taste unlike any other water.

Kiwaii is bottled in a state-of-the-art facility under certified organic and kosher conditions—validation of the care and purity that goes into every bottle.

Our Name, Our Label

The name “Kiwaii” (key-WHY-ee) was inspired by the nickname of the New Zealand residents—Kiwis—and the New Zealand native Mãori word for water—wai. The yellow flower on our label is from the Kowhai tree, New Zealand’s national flower, which grows and flourishes around fresh water springs and mountain streams. It is a symbol of the natural purity and unique taste of Kiwaii, 100% True Spring Water.

The Source

Located in a protected natural preserve on the remote North Island of New Zealand, the pristine Blue Spring is naturally free of contaminants. The crystal clear water flowing from the Blue Spring is naturally filtered over hundreds of years through layers of sand and volcanic rock. Hydrogeologists estimate that water emerging today from the Blue Spring’s deep protected aquifer fell to earth as rain several hundred years ago, from a time long before the Industrial Revolution and the rise of pollution.

A Truly Renewable Water Source The Blue Spring flows into the Te Waihou River at a rate of 9,240 gallons per minute (700 liters per second)—more than 13 million gallons every day, year round.

In addition, the Blue Spring is protected by New Zealand laws that limit the extraction of water to a small fraction of the daily output. Consumers can be assured that Kiwaii is not depleting a fresh water source used by local people and wildlife. Kiwaii 100% True New Zealand Spring Water is ecological and sustainable.

The Blue Spring is the only source for every bottle of Kiwaii spring water.

Providing the healthiest, purest and  best-tasting natural spring water on the planet

Water is the most important nutrient in our diet, Finding the very best natural water possible was the idea that led to the launch of Kiwaii, 100% True New Zealand Spring Water. Our company, True Water Group is a female owned business and our mission is to set a new standard in the bottled water market.

Spring Water vs. Other Waters

Bottled waters are not all the same.

More often than not, this water is processed and bottled in multiple plants. In addition, reverse osmosis, the most common form purification, has its downsides:

Reverse osmosis strips water of its natural minerals and micro-nutrients while still leaving traces of some contaminants.

Some evidence shows that drinking reverse osmosis or distilled water may deplete the body’s mineral stores and could contribute to conditions such as osteoporosis.

Why Kiwaii 100% True New Zealand Spring Water?

Kiwaii spring water possesses special properties that maximize absorption and hydration, and gives it a unique refreshing taste. Natural “living” springs are healthy, self-cleansing and nutrient rich. When rising from a pristine source, the water is naturally pure with no reverse osmosis or other processing needed.

True spring water can be bottled directly from the source with little to no water waste, leaving it untouched by humans and free of contaminants.

Bottle water, only better

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